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Canadian Endorsers

Below is a current list of our Canadian Endorsers, but we aren't finished by a rim shot, er 'long shot.'  We are still interviewing drummers from all across Canada to join our growing family.  To apply, click here and fill out the form.  And check back for some exciting news in the coming weeks.

Steve Kiely (Monster Truck)

Location: Hamilton

Genre: Rock

Steve Kiely, was born, Murat Diril Endorser Steve Kiely from the band Monster Truckraised and currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. After playing for many years in the city’s now burgeoning music scene, in 2009 Steve finally teamed up with some fellow Hamiltonian musician friends to form the band Monster Truck. Since then, the band has released two EPs and one full length album (the second full length released on Feb.19th, 2016), won a juno award for "breakthrough group of the year" in 2013, and has toured extensively all over the globe, sharing stages with many of their friends and musical heroes alike. This included opening for Slash, Nickelback and legends Deep Purple.  Steve’s first experiences in music and performing came playing piano and guitar, making him realize the importance of making sure the song is served first and foremost. “I enjoy being a very ‘musical’ drummer. Playing WITH the band is much more important than just having them follow you.” Check out and see when Steve and Monster Truck are playing in a city near you.

On the Sittin Heavy tour, Steve will be playing the 14" Mosaic hi hats, 22" Velvet ride, the 19" Fast Crash, the 20" Mosaic Crash, and the brand new 19" Black Sea FX Custom crash.

Billy Lov (Ascendia)


Location: Toronto

Genre: Metal

Billy Lov is a self-taught drummer from Toronto, Canada and his musical efforts are primarily focused on Ascendia. Billy’s techniques and drumming style stems from several different avenues including: metal, rock, and gospel. Some of Billys favorite drummers include Steve Gadd, Larnell Lewis, Aaron Spears and Randii Gutly. In the year 2015 Ascendia released their debut album “ the Lion and the Jester” with hard hitting songs that made waves in the metal community, and still continues to excite listeners. Billy’s work ethic and demand for perfection is constant, never being satisfied with mediocrity. Throughout his career he has continued to push the envelope and we think once you take a listen, you will begin to understand that Billy loves to hit hard and demands only the best out of his gear.

Bill will be playing the 15" Black Sea Hi Hats, 21" Black Sea Mega Bell Ride, 18" & 19" Brilliant Crashes, 10" Brilliant Splash, 18" Black Sea China


Daniel Barnes (Colin Hunter/Joe Sealy/Heather Bambrick/Adi Braun)

Location: Toronto

Genre: Jazz, Ethiopian

Daniel found his calling at age 5. His education came through private study with renown instructor Jim Blackley, also bandleader/performer Claude Ranger with theory and harmony from Head of Jazz Studies University of Toronto Professor Paul Read. Daniel also attended The Banff Centre Summer Jazz Workshop and received instruction from Marvin Smitty Smith and David Holland.

Since the early 1990’s Daniel has been associated with two of the biggest names in Ethiopian pop music worldwide: Ms. Aster Aweke and Mr. Mehamoud Ahmed. Time magazine has called Aster “The Aretha Franklin of Ethiopia” and Mehamoud is considered one of the “father’s” of Ethio-Pop. With these artists Daniel has toured North America, Europe (WOMAD), The Caribbean and Ethiopia itself having recorded Aster’s “Live in London” in ’96 and Mehamoud’s “Tizita” in ’98.  Daniel most recently played with Mehamoud on New Years Eve 2015 in Toronto.

Daniel has been very busy recently having played on albums with Micah Barnes, Fantahun Shewankochew, and is creating his own third CD with two tracks completed thus far (one is named "Seven and the Black Sea"!).  Catch Daniel this summer in a variety of settings across Ontario with Joe Sealy, Colin Hunter, Adi Braun, and Heather Bambrick.

Find out why Mark Miller from the Globe and Mail said that Daniel “stands with the best of (his) generation in Canada" by visiting his website here.

Daniel is currently playing the 14" Arena Hi hats, the 21" Mosaic Ride, the 17" and 20" Light Crashes, and the 19" Dark Crash.


Adam Bowman (Alysha Brilla)

Location: Guelph

Genre: Pop/Funk

Drummer/percussionist Adam Bowman has been a mainstay in both the Canadian and international music scenes for nearly two decades.  As a touring musician, Adam’s big beats have been heard on stages across five continents with artists such as Juno-award winners Kellylee Evans and Carlos Morgan, Canadian independent music trail blazer Ember Swift, improvising guru VINX and country-folk songstress Dawn Langstroth, among many others.  

In the studio, Adam’s creative passion and deep feel have made him the drummer of choice for producers and songwriters on dozens of recordings. 2015 saw Juno nominations for Eccodek’s Singing in Tongues and Alysha Brilla’s Womyn albums, both propelled by Bowman’s beats.  Currently, Adam can be heard playing with Eccodek, Alysha Brilla, Joni NehRita, Jeff Eager, Jane Lewis and Elise LeGrow, as well as providing accompaniment for modern and contemporary dance classes with IMAGEO artworks, Dancetheatre David Earle and Guelph Dance. 

Currently Adam uses a variety of cymbals for different sounds including the 14" Black Sea hi hats, the 21" Light Ride, the 19" Dark Crash, the 17" Light Crash and the 19" Mosaic.  He also has a set of Orbit stacks he brings out on occasion.

Learn more about Adam by visiting his website here.


James Ditty (Hell is Other People)

Murat Diril Cymbals Artist James Ditty

Location: Windsor

Genres: Avant-Garde Metal

James has been playing since grade school, was in high school jazz, and has graduated to heavy metal with his band Hell is Other People.

James is playing the 14" Mosaic Hi Hats, 22" Dark Ride, the 20" Mosaic Crash, the 20" Arena Crash, and the 18" Regular China.

Find out more about James and Hell is Other People here.

Amin Jiwa (Independant)

Murat Diril Cymbals Artist Amin Jiwa

Location: Whitby  

Genre: Bollywood

Amin began drumming at the age of 13 and has now made his way up to the top in the Canadian Bollywood Music Industry. He has spent a long time developing a unique style and is now pretty much the ‘Go-to’ drummer when stars from India and Pakistan put up concerts in North America and around the world.

His fresh perspective, dedication and love for live music has led him to play with many artists that are the top most in the entire Bollywood industry. Artists like Master Saleem, Atif Aslam, Josh the Band, Harshdeep Kaur, Kamal Khan, Mickey Singh, Bilal Saeed, Jonita Gandhi, and many more.

At present, Amin is actively performing on all kinds of stages worldwide is very excited to be using his new cymbals in this very busy 2017 schedule.  He will be playing the 14" Black Sea Hi Hats, 21" Black Sea Ride, 17" and 18" Regular Crashes.

You can find out more about Amin at his Facebook page Here.


Tallus Scott (The Pistolwhips)

Murat Diril Cymbals artist Tallus Scott of the Pistolwhips

Location: Saskatoon

Genre: Rock

An immense dedication to his craft, utilizing the best chops from his peers, and a constant thirst for better, is the perfect way to sum up Tallus Scott. Holding down the drum throne for Saskatoon Indie/Rock outfit The Pistolwhips, Tallus Scott is a shining example of what hard work, raw determination, and humility can amount to for any musician.  Tallus isn’t just a drummer, he’s also a student honing his talent by studying with absolute monsters of the drumming world including Jim Blackley, Johny Rabb, Paul Delong, Dave Weckl, Thomas Pridgen, Stephane Chamberland, John Fisher, and Kenny Sharretts.  Though now full time with The Pistolwhips (who just wrapped recording a new album with producer Eric Ratz), Tallus is no stranger to the Canadian and International touring circuit. Having toured with Crystal Schwanda, Jordan Cook, George Leach, Tallus has 500 live shows to his credit.  To prove his commitment to the art of drumming, Tallus holds down a stable of students himself, to ensure that the next generation can benefit from the tutelage he’s received over the years.  His style is dynamic, and offers listeners a driving, monstrous sound, while always maintaining the rudiments and backbone of where drumming truly started, Jazz.  Tallus is a sought after session player, and can often be seen sitting with other Saskatoon bands, simply to keep playing.  As a recent signing, he’s excited to get on the road and showcase the hardware that the tastemakers at Murat Duril have handcrafted, and Tallus is absolutely enthralled with the quality and authenticity the product offers.  You can catch Tallus on tour with The Pistolwhips in early 2017, along with the release of their latest album, ‘Voices’.

Tallus plays the 15" Black Sea hi hats, 22" Light Ride, 19" Dark, and 19" Mosaic series cymbals.   


Dylan Gowan (Vesperia, Hallows Die, Cardinal Street)

Location: Scarborough (Toronto)

Genres: Metal, Rock, Progressive, Country, Experimental, Etc.

Dylan Gowan is a professional touring and recording musician from Toronto, Canada. Growing up in a musical family inspired him to begin playing the drums at the age of eleven. At age sixteen he performed at the Canadian Music Industry Awards playing alongside many international artists. 

Dylan currently drums for Vesperia, Hallows Die and Cardinal Street. His notable accomplishments with all three bands include a Toronto Independent Music Award for his work with Hallows Die, a number #1 single on the UK unsigned chart with Cardinal Street and winning the International Wacken Metal Battle in Germany 2015 with Vesperia.

Dylan will be playing the 13" Black Sea hi hats, 22" Dark Ride, 18" and 19" Dark Crashes and the 17" Arena crash.


Dave Laing (Independent)

Location: Montreal

Genre: Jazz

Dave Laing grew up in a musical family in Ontario, Canada. His father was a jazz lover and his mother a skilled pianist.  Following high school, Dave came to McGill Univerisity for music training where he studied with the late Lou Williamson and, later, Pete Magazine.  Within a couple of years he began to play on the local  scene including appearances at the storied Montreal jazz club, Bar 2080, performing with such visiting artists as Clifford Jordan, Jimmy Heath, Junior Cook, Frank Wess, "Big" John Patton, J.R. Montrose, Fraser McPherson and many others.   At that time he also began associations with such local luminaries as Andre White, Kevin Dean, Ranee Lee, Remi Bolduc, and Geoff Lapp that would continue over the coming years.  He relocated to Toronto for a brief period and performed with many of the leading players there including Ed Bickert, Don Thompson, Lorne Lofsky, Pat Labarbera, Reg Schwager and Guido Basso.  

Upon returning to Montreal, Dave continued to solidify his position as one of Canada's most in-demand musicians appearing on over 50 CD's to date.  His performing credits include working with such artists as Denzal Sinclaire, the Joe Sullivan Big Band, Barry Harris, Mark Murphy, Lage Lund, Danilo Perez, Jim McNeely, Dave Leibman, Benny Golson, Slide Hampton, Jon Ballantyne, Mulgrew Miller, John Stetch, the National Arts Centre Orchestra, Kevin Turcotte, Peter Leitch, Ben Monder, Kenny Werner, Jerry Bergonzi, PJ Perry, George Garzone, Oliver Jones, Shelia Jordan and many more. He has travelled the world performing music including such diverse places as China, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, the United States, Europe, and across Canada.

Dave has also been heavily involved in music education for 25 years.  He has been a member of the McGill University music faculty since 1990, teaching private students and ensembles.  He also teaches lecture courses in Jazz History and Jazz Appreciation.

At this time Dave can been seen playing the 14" Arena hi hats, two x 22" Light Rides, 20" Light Ride, 17" Light Crash, 18" Dark Crash, and has orders in for the 22" Black Sea ride and 14" Black Sea hi hats.  Find out more about Dave by visiting his website at


Ian March (Speed Control) 

Location: Whitehorse

Genre: Rock


With over 15 years of experience, Ian was first introduced to the drums at age 12. After gradutaing high school he moved to Vancouver to attend Capilano University's Jazz drumming program. In 2011 he left the program to pursue an opportunity with the rock group Speed Control. Ian now tours extensively around North America with the rock group playing festivals, theatres, and clubs. Speed Control is also committed to furthering music education bringing a History of Canadian Rock n Roll to thousands of kids in schools around the country. In addition, the band takes their signature RAWK camps on the road working with kids 8 to 85. To find out more information about Ian and Speed Control visit

Ian Currently uses 14" Mosaic Hi Hats, 18" Arena Crash, 20" Light Crash, and the 22" Light Ride.


Nigel Maynard (Limitless eXchange/Fairest and Best/Black Falcon)

Location: Toronto

Genre: Gospel, Funk, Jazz, etc

Nigel ‘Maynstreet’ Maynard started banging on drums when he was eight years old and quickly fell in love with the instrument. After a few years of child-like experimentation, he became seriously hooked, not only with the creative potential he found the drums offered him, but also in the vast possibilities of music as a language for conveying emotion, excitement and energy.

At age 12, Nigel discovered “Gospel Music” and realized that this style of music, not only being uplifting and nurturing for the spirit, had a depth and attraction like no other.   While studying at the reknown Humber College for Music Performance and Sound Reinforcement, Nigel quickly found a love in styles such as jazz, latin, rock, blues, and country. This collage of musical genres began to fuse into who we now know as “The MaynStreet”.

Playing and or opening for the likes of names such as Alvin Slaughter, Fred Hammond, Babie Mason, CeCe Winans, Krystaal, Hezikiyah Walker, Martha Munizzi and others – Nigel has learned how to adapt himself to the differences that artists may have. Today Nigel is the driving force behind Limitless eXchange as is spearheading a jazz ensemble “Kim Rosita and the Black Falcon”.

Nigel will be playing the 15" Hommage Hi Hats, the 13" Dizzy Hi Hats, the 22" Mosaic Ride, the 21" Dizzy Ride, the 19" Brilliant Crash, the 18" FX Crash, the 15" FX crash, the 17" and 19" Arena Crashes and the 18" Brilliant China.

Find out more about Nigel by clicking here.



Justin Muscoby (Slumlord)

Location: Edmonton

Genre: Hardcore Metal

Justin received his first drum set at the age of 10, at 15 was already seeking to play with local musicians and by 18 was regularly playing gigs all over Alberta.  Listening to how drums fit into songs, enhancing his technical playing, and his feel could be attributed to the artists that influenced him growing up. “The intensity of Travis barker, the brilliance of Neil Peart and the groove of Chad Smith were all very pivotal and influential in what I am trying to do today. “  Justin has been recording and touring with bands based in Alberta for the past decade, however his current band Slumlord have embarked on several Canadian tours and also made it to Europe for a comprehensive tour in 2014.  Some tours included headlining for other artists as well as playing large festivals. Currently, Justin is preparing to take his new cymbals into the studio to record Slumlord's new full-length album followed immediately by a European tour. 

Justin uses the 14" Brilliant hats and 21" Brilliant ride with a 19" Brilliant crash and 18" Brilliant China as well as the 19" and 20" Heavy crashes.


Paul Nanuwa (Independent)



Location: Toronto

Genre: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Bollywood

Over the years, Paul has spent a lot of time developing as a drummer and playing alongside many local and international artists in North America and internationally. He has played on many festival stages, concert theatres/venues and is a solid drummer who understands music and technicality as he is also a multi-
instrumentalist, composer and producer.

Paul is an extremely diverse player and has the ability to adapt and play any genre of music. His resume is quite extensive and still growing and we are thrilled to have Paul as our latest cymbal endorser. 

At present, Paul is actively performing on stages globally and is in the studio working on writing and music compositions as well as tracking and music
production with one of his personal projects which we have to stay tuned for . . .

Paul will be playing the 14" Mosaic Hi Hats, 22" Arena Ride, and the 20" and 18" Arena Crashes.

Find out more about Paul here


Shawn Royal (Jim Dan Dee)

Location: Toronto

Genre: Funkabilly Grunge Blues

Shawn will be playing the 14" Arena Hats, the 21" Regular Ride, the 18" and 19" Brilliant Crashes, and experimenting with the 18" Arena Crash.  Find out more about Jim Dan Dee here.




Daniel Stadnicki (Independent)

Location: Edmonton

Genre: Folk, Roots, World

Daniel Akira Stadnicki is an award-winning drummer, scholar, and popular/world music instructor. Originally from the suburbs of Toronto, Daniel has quickly become a key fixture in Edmonton's thriving roots and folk music scene, currently performing with: Spencer Murray and PipeslingerCam Neufeld and the Gadjo CollectiveMartin KerrDaniel GervaisElliot Thomas, the Stefan Kijek TrioDana Wylie, and the Northland Trio. Inspired by found-sounds, eclectic timbres, and deep, vintage drum tones, Daniel thrives in acoustic music settings and has a passion for learning folk music traditions from around the world. Over the past 18 years, Daniel has worked with a number of Canada's finest singer/songwriters and instrumentalists, including Jaron Freeman-Fox, Liam Titcomb, Lisa Conway, Ken Whiteley, Mike Evin, Hannah Georgas, the Weather Station, and Kevin Breit. He continues to perform, tour and record internationally while completing doctoral studies in ethnomusicology at the University of Alberta. 

Daniel is currently using two different cymbals set-ups, playing the 14" Mosaic hats, 21" Mosaic ride, 20" Arena Crash, and a 19" Hommage Series Crash for a more traditional drum set configuration; and the 18" Black Sea Crash and 10" Black Sea Bell for a more paired-down, hand-percussion based kit.


Jay Westman (The Weathered/Red Arms)

Location: London, Ontario

Genre: Punk Rock

Jay has been playing for over 20 years, touring Canada, US, Australia and Japan.  Throughout that time, he has played for a number of different bands in a multitude of genres including The Weekend (synth-pop), Baptized in Blood (Metal), and The Matadors (psycho-billy) to name a few.  Now, Jay is driving the beat for two bands,  The Weathered and Red Arms.  In addition to his on stage work, Jay has taught lessons for a number of years as well and continues to be called by local studios for session work when he's available.  

Jay currently uses the 14" Arena Hi Hats, the 19" and 20" Regular Crashes, and the 21" Dizzy Ride.  


Jeff Saulnier (The Cara Lea Band/Glenn Marais Band with Mojo Train/Hellis/Tim Bastmeyer Project)

Location: Bradford, Ontario                                         

Genre: Progressive , R&B , Funk , Pop , Rock , Hard Rock/Metal , Country

Jeff Saulnier started taking drumming seriously when he was eleven years old, becoming a member of the Local Drum and Bugle Corps, The Ambassadors, and progressing to future Drum Corps., Out of the Blue, An amalgamation of The Oakland Crusaders and the Ambassadors. The Toronto based musician was bestowed the snare lines Lead Player position, touring throughout Canada and the USA for many years until his eighteenth year.

His free flowing, “no rules” approach to how drums fit into a song, openness to experimentation, and ability to feel what works best in a song as well as the entirety of an album or project are his trade mark attributes.
Jeff has a passion for drumming that has led him to play in as many different styles as possible, becoming not only well versed within each style, but to expand on the creativity that he has put forth into many song collaborations throughout his career.

Along with being signed to an Indie recording contact for a number of years, he has been a session drummer on many albums including licenced song recordings, worked in studio with the likes of legendary Keyboardist/Pianist Denis Keldie, toured throughout the USA with an internationally known, Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band called Fleetwood Mix.
He is currently the drummer with the Juno nominated Glenn Marais, and remains very active in the music community working with multiple bands and being known as the “Go To” drummer in the greater Toronto area.

Jeff uses Black Sea Golden Bell 14” Hi Hats, 18” Arena Crash, 21’ Renaissance Regular Ride, 21” Renaissance Light Crash, 18” Black Sea China and 19” Black Sea FX cymbals.


Warren Elder (Independent)

Warren Elder Murat Diril Cymbals canadaPercussionist/drummer Warren Elder, a native of Exeter Ontario, first picked up a pair of sticks at 13 years old. Now at age 26, he holds a Masters degree in Percussion Literature and Performance, a Bachelors degree in Percussion Performance, has played in the Band of The Ceremonial Guard on Parliament Hill, taught privately at Long & McQuade, appeared as an orchestral soloist in Canada and the United States, performed Opera in Italy, and has played across Ontario consistently with independent bands, opening for the likes of David Wilcox and Big 

Wreck. Today he is the drummer for up and comers With A Fox, Congression, and freelances regularly.

Warren places an emphasis on playing the kit melodically, with good sounds, accurate rhythms, economical movement, and high energy. He still teaches privately out of his home in London under the banner WKE Percussion, and is working towards becoming a clinician to spread the knowledge he is so passionate about.

Presently Warren performs with the Renaissance Dark 22” Ride, Renaissance Light 19” Crash, Arena 20” Crash, Black Sea 19” FX Custom, and Black Sea 14” Hi-hats.

Jesse Labovitz (No Warning)

Location: Toronto

Genre: Hardcore Punk

A born and raised Torontonian, Jesse started playing drums at the tender age of 10. He studied privately from age 11 through high school and then attended the prestegious Glen Gould School, studying with the principal percussionist of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, John Rudolph.   After joining the hardcore band No Warning in 2002, he played on their second record ‘Suffer Survive’, then was soon after touring the record across Canada, the U.S. and Japan.  Since then, Jesse has been an in-demand drummer in the Canadian/American music scene and has toured and recorded with many different acclaimed groups and artists of all genres.   When Comeback Kid needed a new drummer after 10+ years with their original member, they  asked Jesse to join the band; he has been with them since touring 9 months of the year way back in 2014. On top of Comeback Kid’s very busy tour schedule, No Warning have since reunited and have many dates planned for shows all over the world in 2015 and beyond.

Jesse currently uses the 15" Hommage hi hats, the 22" Light Ride, the 20" Regular crash and the 18" Arena Crash and the 20" Mosaic crash.




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