Murat Diril | The Father of Cymbals
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100% hand-made Turkish Cymbals from Murat Diril are now available in Canada

Virtuoso cymbal-maker Murat Diril learned his trade in Trabizone, Turkey (where the first cymbals were created hundreds of years ago during the Ottoman Empire), gathering from masters the centuries-old secrets of cymbal-making. After forming his company in 2000, Murat was selected by the best-known cymbals brands in Europe to design and manufacture bold new collections. His revolutionary ideas and techniques were an instant success, securing his reputation globally as an artisan to be reckoned with; it was just a matter of time before he would launch out on his own.  Today, located on the Black Sea coast, Murat continues with his spirit of innovative and exceptionally high-quality development that’s embodied in every cymbal that leaves the factory. Wood fuelled fires and pure metallurgy makes a difference with subtle overtones while hand-hammering infuses each cymbal with uniqueness and purpose.  With an ideal choice for every drummer across twelve superb ranges, Murat Diril has landed in Canada in limited quantities. If you are interested in becoming part of family, please click on the Local Heroes link and tell us about yourself.  Till then, feast your eyes and ears on our creations.