Murat Diril | The Father of Cymbals
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Photo Gallery

Please see the selection of photos below for ideas on how the Murat Diril Cymbals can compliment your particular style and setup.  From Fusion to Jazz to Hard Rock to Country...from 1 up 2 down, 2 up 1 down, 3 up 2 down, or 1 up 1 down...well, you get the picture.  Any arrangement can be made more stunning with a selection of Murat's hand-made beauties.  Take a look and picture yourself sitting in the driver's seat.

All of the above shots with Murat Diril's beautiful cymbal selections were taken with the DW Timeless Timber Romanian River Oak seven piece drum kit, DW 9000 and 5000 series hardware, and the 9000 series pedals and hi-hats.  Cymbals this unique deserve drums to match!